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Tintation.com Owner and WriterWelcome to Tintation.com Web and Graphic Designs Blog. Well, first of all, my name is Vladimir Yasmenko and I am an Enthusiast, a Fan, and a Fanatic about Computer Graphics and Codes and about Web Graphics and Codes. I love designing and developing my own websites or blogs. At the same time I love seeing other professional, unique, and high quality designs that people make for their websites, pictures, and programs. I really can’t stand seeing or dealing with ugly, forgotten, and low quality blogs and websites. Yes, I understand that people have different tastes, but honestly some stuff is just plain ugly and there is no other word for it. Also, I feel like I really need to let some of you know in what areas I’m familiar or have experience with, no I am not bragging, this is for professional purposes only. I’m have been experienced or still working with these computer related tools, Photoshop®, Dreamweaver®, Flash®, CSS, HTML, PHP, Microsoft® Word, and lots of other Microsoft® related software. Anything that has to do with these programming languages or software is what I am going to be writing about on this Blog. Why? Because I just love these kind of Toys that people have built for others to use. And believe me it is amazing what people can do with these tools.

Say for example, with Photoshop®, you can manipulate images, edit photos, bring boring characters to life, modernize a classic image, retouch photos, make dull pictures surreal and dreamy, make an editorial, and much more. With Dreamweaver®, one can highlight codes, make code suggestions, create a visual appeal by coding and designing, validate codes, check accessibility, be crafty with the different properties available, create interesting templates, and a few more things. On the other hand, Flash® may seem not so interesting to many but here is what it can do – Flash® allows you to add interactive content, in addition to including fun animations in your webpage. Without Flash® do not even think about streaming videos, audios, or any other kind of multimedia. Of all one may not find anything unique about Microsoft® Word but at the same time life is simply unimaginable with Microsoft tools. MS Word is a fantastic tool used to create a variety of documents useful for work-related and study-related purposes.

Hence, stay updated here with regarding the latest tools and continue reading to know more. So, please enjoy your time here at Tintation.com and remember to come back again, or tell your friends and family, or you can just comment on any one of my articles and let me know your opinions.