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Work or Business

Work or Business - QuestionAre you trying to find a way to make money? Do you not know what to choose? Do you want to work for someone or have your own business? Are you stuck, confused, and possibly depressed in life because of those questions? Well, guess what, I was in that situation also. I was trying to find that awesome way to make money, but I didn’t know what to choose first, work from home or go work for someone else. I was sick and tired of working at pointless, futureless, and meaningless jobs. I was getting tired of investing time in my online business and not getting enough money to live on.

So, what did I do? I went directly to the one and only person in charge – God Almighty. If you don’t believe in God then you are probably laughing at this point, but that’s your choice, and you probably didn’t hit that rock bottom in life when you just have to do what you’ll like for the rest of your life. I wanted to work on a job or have the business that God had prepared for me and where He would miraculously put me there. I wanted to make money knowing that this is the place where God wants me to be, and that He is with me there, and that He approves of me being there. I wanted to make sure that I’m not going against God’s will.

I remember when I had a good job with good pay but with no future, not much place for raises or benefits. The job became lame, pointless, and very very boring. Yes, I did my job right. I came on time, did everything everything I was suppose to, and even lots more than I was qualified for. In time of bad economy my hours were getting cut from time to time and I decided to try my own online business. My wife wanted to try working and I wanted to try a home-based business while watching, babysitting, and homeschooling my kids.

Almost three years have passed by extremely fast with not much to show for. The last half of the year was the time of deep search for answers, of confusions, and of serious prayers to God for help. During my years at home I realized how the day flies by unexpectedly. I understand little more the life of a house-wife. If you have kids to take care of, homeschool them, cook meals, and take care of the kitchen, then there is very little time left for your business. Even if you do find time for your home business during those times, you still have too many distractions that slow you down a lot. Anyway, during my time of working for someone and during the time of trying the home-business God taught me and trained me a lot of things, so I guess I’m thankful for all of it.

God answered my request for the answer in my life. I was asking Him for His help with a good home-based business or for a good job which He would approve of. I really didn’t know what kind of business I’d like to have for myself and my family, because I didn’t really like anything. Everything seemed like a waste of time, too much taxes, waste of money, too much worries, and too much competition. The job on the other hand seemed more appealing to me: no stress about taxes, stable income, good conscience to enjoy weekends and evenings, and I could change the job in case I had too. Because of my previous experience and knowledge, I was praying and hoping for a job with CNC machines or other high technologies. God gave me exactly that.

I knew I didn’t have enough experience or qualifications for what I was hoping for, but I knew that according to the Bible, God is the one who’s in charge, He is the one who give a high or low position for a person. Knowing all that I kept praying and not giving up on God. At the same time I humbled and prepared myself even for a low-life low-paying job. I looked for and applied for lots of different jobs, but mostly CNC-related jobs. God did His amazing miracle through one of the most simple websites online, I found a job, applied for it, they called me back, went through an interview, and they hired me, even with my request on a specific wage. I’ve been on this awesome job now for 9 months, still love it, still getting raises, amazing boss, amazing workers, and with good benefits (and with more to come).

So, there you go, I finally put this article together. I’ve wanted to write this down for a long time now. I wanted to share what I went through. I’m hoping to help that “other” person who is going through something I went through a while ago. Don’t give up, pray, yes, pray, talk to God. If you’re not saved yet, don’t wait, just say: “Jesus Save Me and Forgive Me!” Yes, it’s that simple to get saved, just believe in Jesus Christ, believe that Jesus is Christ and that He is God’s Son who gave His life up for you and then resurrected and now He’s in heaven waiting for His people. Anyway, after getting saved, just talk to Jesus like to your friend, talk to Him like you would to your really good really trusted friend. Best way to communicate with Him, is when it’s quiet and no one can disturb your time alone with Him. Never give up on Jesus, people who did give up on Jesus they regret it, every single one of them. God is real, more real than we are. God hears us and answers us. Peace, Love, and Joy to you all (by the way, only God can give the true Peace, Love, and Joy, don’t look for it somewhere else – you won’t find it).

Here are some good useful books for you to read, but remember that Bible Has All the Answers – you got to look for them with the right heart:

The KJV Study Bible (Bonded Leather) (King James Bible)
The KJV Study Bible (Bonded Leather) (King James Bible)
Men's Manual, Vol. 2 / Quiz Placemats on Financial Freedom, Vol. 2
Men’s Manual, Vol. 2 / Quiz Placemats on Financial Freedom, Vol. 2
The Duggars: 20 and Counting!: Raising One of America's Largest Families--How they Do It
The Duggars: 20 and Counting!: Raising One of America’s Largest Families–How they Do It
The Power of Crying Out: When Prayer Becomes Mighty (LifeChange Books)
The Power of Crying Out: When Prayer Becomes Mighty (LifeChange Books)

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2 Responses to "Work or Business"

  1. Shina says:

    I am so speechless, indeed you wanted to write this article for long time but you finally did and I think it’s because of me. The only thing missing is my name, I am in similar situation and almost gave-up on God – thinking how can an honest and hardworking person not achieve what he wants but like you said, I regret thinking that way as things went more bad.

    I have apologized and hope God will forgive me and help me out.

    Thank you so much for this life-saving-article and I will start with my prayers!

    1. I’m happy to hear that my article has actually helped you. Keep it up and don’t give up man :)

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