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Specialize in a Variety of CompTIA Certification Programs

CompTIA certificationsCompTIA’s specialty track is a series of five certifications that incorporate technical and business intelligence, which can be applied in specialized departments within an IT environment. These CompTIA certifications take the basic IT networking and computing skills and applies them to specialized settings, certifying knowledge only on a specific topic.

The specialty program is a viable option for individuals looking to focus their skills in one department. These CompTIA certifications are more on the business side of the IT universe; they can be earned in combination with the professional certifications, which focus more on the technical aspect of IT networking, in order to obtain a broader, well-rounded skill-set. Business and IT professionals are welcome to participate in this program as a way to develop, enhance and fine-tune their careers with a distinguishing job role.

Each certification will focus on the characteristics, uses and value of associated technologies, as well as the implementation and administration of certification technologies. Five specialist certifications are available: CompTIA Cloud Essentials, CompTIA Green IT, CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician, CompTIA IT for Sales, and Social Media Security Professional. Each one requires a passing score on just one exam.

Generally, the certifications are independent, although recurring knowledge may be applied in each of the different settings. Multiple training options are available for each, and although on-the-job experience is not required, it is highly recommended. All exams are available through CompTIA except Social Media Security Professional, which is administered by the Ultimate Knowledge Institute (UKI). You can visit the CompTIA certification website to learn more about each certification and the benefits of becoming an IT field specialist.

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