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SEO Copywriting Tips

SEO Copywriting TipsCopywriting has been around since before the Ancient Greek philosophers established the foundations for modern science. A lot of time have been spent honing the art of copywriting, only, of course, people then probably didn’t call it that.

In this day and age, people have become aware of SEO, and the hard part is no longer getting ranked fairly high in search engines – that’s the easy part. No, the hard part is building links and getting linked. Not a lot of people use copywriting techniques with their blogs, and that just might give those who do use them an edge.

Here are a few copywriting tips to consider when writing your next blog post:

1. Pretty up your post, like a billboard. Fewer people read these days, especially if we’re talking about blog posts. Most of them just scan through a post, so make your post stand out. Choose your graphics and language carefully, and then lay them out in a way that your readers can easily remember and understand them. Choose certain key words and make them stand out, along with your images, just like a billboard.

2. Utilize formulas for your headlines. You may think “formulas” means you risk sounding trite, but you’re only going to use these for titles or headlines. For example, the “who-what-why-how” formula has been around for decades, but news writers continue to use them for lead sentences in their stories because they can tell the readers what the stories are about. Asking a question is another good formula because they can arouse a reader’s curiosity.

3. Use numbers. Numbers are good for two reasons. First, they help us organize our thoughts and make them more coherent. Second, they grab attention by engaging the logical part of our brains.

4. Do not be like warm and use power words. Cry yes, cry no. Don’t use words that are in the middle of the two. Your writing should sound sure, as if it doesn’t need assurance. Try easy, quick, guarantee versus maybe, try, possibly.

5. Show and Illustrate, don’t tell! Good visuals are essential to any good blog. If you decide to use images though, don’t just steal them off Google. Use original images in your posts, even if you have to draw them yourself. Some bloggers have actually been able to make that work.

6. Support your headlines with sub-headlines. Sometimes, headlines can’t stand alone, especially if your post is longer than 250 words.

7. You won’t go wrong with listing your points. Pretty basic. Human minds think in an ordered manner. It makes sense to write in an ordered manner, and using lists (like the one you’re reading) makes for good order.

8. Use quotes. The words of famous people not only lend credibility to our posts; they can also be used to distinguish different ideas.

9. Emphasize using Bold and Italics. When you really want to drive home a point, you can highlight certain key words or phrases by making them bold or using italics.

10. Honesty. The best copywriting technique is always to write from your heart. SEO copywriting should never keep you from communicating your own ideas.

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    I am so impressed on reading these tips. It definitely useful for every SEO Copywriter

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