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Top Magento Extensions

Top Magento ExtensionsMagento is one of the best open-source platforms out there to run your eCommerce store. Because of this, there are tons of awesome extensions out there for you to install that can improve both the functionality of your site and your own productivity when working with the site. Here are some of the best Magento extensions out there that you need to check out today!

Are you not the best coder in the world? Maybe you have a client that accesses a site’s admin area but they have no clue what they’re doing. By utilizing the WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) Editor extension, you can implement an easy-to-use editor to certain admin pages of text areas of your website. This way, you can easily edit the font, background, and styling of text as well as inserting images and video. This solution is definitely much easier for the person that isn’t an everyday developer, as it allows for tons of customization that doesn’t need to be learned. You can implement various editors to this extension including: TinyMCE, FCKeditor, and CKeditor.

Fooman Speedster
When it comes to shopping for a product online, speed is everything. Your website can live and die depending on how fast it loads. Certain case studies have shown that even if one site takes a second longer than another competing website to load, the browser will almost always choose the faster site. When people are shopping online, they want speed. Online shopping allows you to buy things quickly and efficiently without ever leaving your house. This is why the speed of your site is so important. With the Fooman Speedster extension, the speed of your Magento store can be improved significantly because this extension combines, compresses, and caches the JavaScript and CSS. It also reworks how Magento handles the loading of this CSS and JavaScript. By implementing this extension, you can be sure that your store runs as quick and efficient as possibly, meaning less customers lost and more revenue!

Fooman SameOrderInvoiceNumber
Let’s face it. Tracking order and invoice numbers can be a nightmare for anyone running an eCommerce store if you’re shipping out hundreds of products a day. By default, for some reason Magento keeps separate counts of invoice and order numbers. This can be an extremely painful process if you need to keep everything organized on a day-to-day basis. By implementing the Fooman SameOrderInvoiceNumber, you can easily solve this problem. Just like its name suggests, this extension uses a related order number whenever a shipment, invoice, or credit memo is created. This can make organizing and tracking everything in your eCommerce store much easier.

MostViewed Module
When running an eCommerce store, data is everything. You need to know what is selling the most and how often people are searching for a particular item within your store. Knowing these numbers can allow your site to adjust to the demand of your customers and your business will continue to grow. By using the MostViewed Module extension, this data can easily be accessed straight from your admin panel. After this extension is installed, you can see which products within your store are being viewed the most by potential customers.

Closing Words
Details like page speed shouldn’t be taken lightly and with Fooman Speedster, you can speed up your site’s loading time. Tracking orders can be confusing with Magento’s default interface but the Fooman SameOrderInvoiceNumber extension makes the process easy. As you can see, there are hundreds of possibilities for your Magento eCommerce store in terms of what extensions you want to install. These are some of the very best than can ensure that your store runs well for your customers as well as providing you with increased productivity when managing your store.

Jonathan Martin is a developer at CoolBlueWeb, and works with many clients operating in ecommerce.

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  1. Anna Victoria says:

    Hii, Thanks for sharing. I have found featured Magento 2 Extensions and that are proven very useful to me. I bought this Magento2 Extentions and installed it. Thats make easy and preferable to my store. Specifically Mega menu, EMI Calculation Pro and Advanced newsletter pop up are best. Awesome Extensions!.

  2. Ravi Panchal says:


    Nice Stuff…!!

    You can also check this out http://magentocrux.mavenstore.com/extensions-modules-addons.html here you can find useful Magento extensions and modules customized for your ecommerce online store. Download great Magento widgets and install instantly.

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