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Your Custom Page on Photoshop.com

Custom Profile Pages on Photoshop.comPhotoshop.com now gives you a modified URL. After you sign in to your Photoshop.com user, your homepage will display real time feed for your friends, tools that you frequently use, and even your recent pictures. Staying updated in your Photoshop.com world is now easier with just one page.

And yes, it’s customizable. You can oversee your outline and invite friends to trail your actions. You can even tell the Photoshop people what products you find interesting. As an added service, they will give you suggestions that can help you maximize www.photoshop.com. To see my own profile on Photoshop.com just Click Here.

Your new homepage is divided into seven sections that are quick to search and easy to use:

1. Messages – This is where you get updates or tips about Photoshop.com. These messages can be easily deleted via the x in their upper right section.

2. Getting Started – This is where you, well, get started. This section is especially helpful for newbies to Photoshop.com. Every now and then, the web page will throw suggestions that can help you on your development.

3. Recent Uploads – This is where you can view your ten newly uploaded photos or videos. This is also where you can manage your pictures, add descriptions to them, or share them with other people.

4. Friends Activities – This is where you can find your friends on the Photoshop website, where you can view their recently shared albums, and where you can manage your friendship with them.

5. Tools and Navigation – This is where you can put up new pictures, edit both old and new photos, establish your photo library, personalize your folders, or manage your profile.

6. Updates From Adobe – This is where you can read the latest news about Adobe products.

7. Recommended Tutorials & Spotlights – This is where you can view the tutorials suggested by Photoshop. These how-to content is based on the particular product that you own or have indicated on your profile that you’re interested in.

You don’t have to concern yourself about other people getting to view your reserved photos that end up here. Those secrets are safe like gold in a Swiss bank.

You can access your homepage by heading to the Me option and clicking on the My Home selection, or by simply logging in. Photoshop’s online hub is absolutely helpful and is an instrument in innovating your pictures. With the features that are offered in the new Photoshop, your creativity is expanded to a limitless horizon.

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