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Tintation – The Web Resources Blog » Informative, SEO & SEM » 6 Things to Keep in Mind When Focusing on Landing Page Optimization

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Focusing on Landing Page Optimization

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Focusing on Landing Page OptimizationYour landing page sets the tone for your website. It is how a user is introduced to your company and your products. You want to make sure to get the pertinent information across while enticing the user to convert to a customer. There are many things you should think about when setting up your landing page in order to optimize conversions.

1. Reduce Options

Force the hands of your user by letting them know exactly where you want them to go. If there are too many options you might encourage people to spend too much time considering and leave them unable to commit to a choice. By limiting what the user sees, it does not feel like such a big decision making it more likely the user will commit.

2. Keep It Simple

It is better to provide lots of links to additional information rather than clutter the landing page. If the landing page is overwhelming with text users might simply scroll by or look for another source. Bullet points tend to be very effective on landing pages and the use of images versus text to clarify points.

3. Multiple Calls to Action

If you have a longer page it is particularly important that you make the proper buttons easy to find. There is no limit to the number of purchase buttons you an put on any one page, so placing them in multiple spots help people find what they are looking for.

4. Persuasive Titling

Catchy titles help keep the interest of people who get to your landing page. The titles should be informative yet raise enough questions to keep people reading further. This gives you the chance to convince them to convert to a customer. By drawing the consumer in you can control how they feel about your website and your product.

5. Reduce Advertisements, Increase Trust

While traffic may make you money from advertising you want to convince the customer you are trustworthy. If your site is riddled with advertisements it might make the website feel like it has a sense of fraud or danger. As people become more and more wary of identity theft it is important your site boast security and show your ability to protect your customers. Phishing is a very real danger and you should spend the extra time showcasing your care on your landing page.

6. Test Your Page

It is so easy to make your website look great on one browser but it must look great on all browsers. This is particularly important for your landing page, which means checking how the website looks and making adjustments that work for all formats. You don’t want to lose your buttons or the effectiveness of your website just because a user prefers a different web browser. This includes allowing people to opt out of “intros” if you are using extensive “Flash” coding. Especially with the new tablets this is important as Flash continues to be a problem for iPad.

Landing page optimization is an important thing, and you should consider the important points in the 6 things mentioned above. If you work on your landing page in the correct way, you will always make money from it, as it is the gateway between you and your potential customers when carrying out different paid advertising campaigns like Google AdWords.

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