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37 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

37 Ways To Increase Blog TrafficMany bloggers including myself have asked this question before: “How Can I Increase My Blog’s Traffic, and preferably for Free?” Recently I read some really good articles on this topic and decided to research some more info on it. Also, instead of having all the useful info spread out on many different blogs, I decided to make notes on it and put it all in one place which is here on this blog and in this article. So, just to let you know I am making this list for myself, but I’m sure that many of you will find it useful for yourself too. Below is an Extremely Beneficial List of Ways To Increase Your Blog’s SEO and Your Blog Traffic, and most of them, if not all of them, are Free :) Read It! Remember It! Share It!

1. – Write Your Own Articles.
Make sure that your blog contains mostly YOUR articles, Not too much guest posts and I wouldn’t recommend getting articles from someone in a different country who doesn’t even know English. People come to your blog because of you and your ideas. Nobody is interested seeing someone practice their English on your blog.

2. – Write Your Articles Consistently. If you decided to write one article a day, or per week, or one a month, then stay with that idea so your readers would know when to expect a new article from you.

3. – Write Your Article Often. The more often you write – the more content you’ll add to your blog – the more doors you will open to your blog for the new readers to join.

4. – Make Well Researched and Unique Articles. Don’t just clutter your blog with useless junk, internet is full of that already. If you found something interesting and worth sharing about, then you might want to write about it too. Another good idea for writing unique and interesting articles is when you put something into your Favorite Bookmarks, then it’s most likely worth sharing.

5. – Submit Your Blog To Search Engines. Search and find all the popular search engines and manually submit your blog.

6. – Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines. Some search engines may want the sitemap of your blog to improve it’s performance in their search results.

7. – Take Care of Your Blogrolls and Links. Pay really close attention to who or what you are linking to from your blog and how often. You might piss some search engines off. Be very careful with Reciprocal linking, maybe don’t even do it. Control your Do-Follow and No-Follow links.

8. – Include the RSS Feed Button or Link For Your Blog. Many people use the RSS feature to stay updated on news from their favorite blogs.

9. – Let People Comment On Your Articles. At the same time Filter out all of the spammy comments, believe me, there are lots of them. I recommend checking the links in comments too, before approving them, you’ll be surprised how much inappropriate or wicked websites will want their link on your blog.

10. – Create Smart Titles for your Articles. Use Google’s Free Keyword Tool for finding a good and useful title. If you need help with using the Google Keyword tool, then read my older article called How To Search For Keywords.

11. – Include Clever Keywords or Tags in Articles. Some people and search engines may disagree on this, but it’s been proven that Keywords or Tags still matter for your blog’s SEO.

12. – Incorporate a Good, Solid, and Informative Description in Articles. The description of your articles is usually shows up in Search Engine’s search results and even in some Social Media sites, so make a useful one.

13. – Format Your Articles. Make your articles easy to read and to navigate through. Instead of making one huge boring paragraph, divide it and indent it into multiple, fun, and small ones. When people see beautiful and well organized content it makes them share it or come back for more.

14. – Simplify Your Blog’s Design. Just like formatting your article is important, designing the layout of your blog is also important. Make sure it is easy for your visitors to navigate through your whole blog, and at the same time make it unique and beautiful. To get some amazing ideas for your blog’s logo check out my older article called 101 Amazing Logo Ideas and Inspirations.

15. – Share Your Articles. Create accounts in very popular Social Network Sites and each time you write a new article make sure to let your followers know that it’s public. The most popular and useful Social Networking Sites today are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Digg, and Delicious. The popular sites usually have high Pageranks which is important for the improvement of your blog’s Pagerank.

16. – Optimize Your Blog For the Search Engines. Just like smart and clever Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords are important for your articles, the same things are important for your blog’s main index page. Make sure your domain, title, description, and keywords are all relevant or similar to each other.

17. – Use Images Wisely. If you do decide to use images in your blog or articles, then make sure to add appropriate titles and alt information for them.

18. – Write Guest Articles. I know it’s hard to find time to write articles for your own blog, but when you write articles for other blogs you’ll be able to bring some of their readers to your blog too. You can write articles for people’s blogs and for article directories.

19. – Allow Some Guest Posting. From time to time, it is nice to let someone you approve of, write an article on your blog. You’ll bring some refreshment and new ideas for your readers and yourself.

20. – Join and Cooperate in Related Forums. Signing up and uniquely cooperating in forums, blogs, Question/Answer sites, and online groups which are related to your blog’s topics is very beneficial for increasing traffic to your blog.

21. – Promote Your Blog Offline. Distribute business cards, bumper stickers, or t-shirts which promote your blog’s URL. A fun idea I found on Problogger’s blog is to engrave huge sandals with your blog’s domain name and start walking in them on some busy beach, that way you’ll leave the foot prints with your domain name on sand for everyone to see :)

22. – Include Your URL in Signatures. You can include your blog’s link and description in resource boxes, and e-mail and forum signatures.

23. – Write Your Articles For Your Blog’s Readers. When you write your articles make sure they are targeted at your blog’s readers which must relate to your blog’s content and purpose.

24. – Use Google Analytics Tool. Google Analytics tool is free to use and it is extremely powerful. Lot’s of similar tools are being charged for. With Google Analytics you can track and find lots of useful and interesting details about your visitors which then can help you manage your blog’s content better.

25. – Interlink Your Articles. When you write your articles and if you’ll find a perfect spot to include a link to one of your previous articles on the same blog, then do it. You’ll keep your readers on your blog longer and more interested in your stuff.

26. – Link to Others. Just like linking to your own articles within your articles is helpful and makes your posts more vivid, do the same with linking to other people’s blogs. Another reason for linking to others can be found in the King James Version Bible in Mathew Chapter 7 Verse 12, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

27. – Market Your Blog Appropriately. To get really good ideas and inspirations on Internet Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing read my older post called 37+ Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2011.

28. – Host and Participate in Social Events. By doing this step you’ll meet more people which are interested in the same topic and you’ll be able to invite them to your blog.

29. – Post Question Polls. If possible on your blog, post survey questions for your readers about their interests and demands.

30. – Create a YouTube Video. You can record a tutorial or a meeting that is relevant to your blog and post it on YouTube, this will definitely bring new visitors to your blog.

31. – Avoid Distracting Ads. Use only appropriate advertisement and only in appropriate places. For new blogs, it’s better not to advertise at all because they haven’t built the trust or respect with their readers.

32. – Archive Your Blog’s Content Appropriately. Make sure that your blog has clever categories and pages. Give your categories and pages beneficial names and links.

33. – Create Contests with Prizes. Let your friends and followers on your social sites know about the contests you created and the prize that they might receive.

34. – Write Listing Posts. The article posts with lists in them seem to be most attractive these days, because people can more easily navigate through them and find what they need.

35. – Use Your Blog’s Domain. Using your blog’s domain name as your username for your Social Networking Sites is a really good idea to help people find you faster and remember you by.

36. – Create an eBook. Research and write an eBook relating to your site and include a link in it which points to your blog. You can sell or give for free your eBook, it’s up to you, but remember, people like free stuff.

37. – Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly. As we all know it, the usage and distribution of smart phones is growing extremely fast. Not only phones, but hi-tech pads too are becoming very popular these days. So, I believe it would be a great idea to make sure that your blog works appropriately on mobile devices too which is a big plus to increase blog traffic.

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