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How To Increase PPI

How To Increase PPIIt’s pretty easy to increase the dpi – Dots Per Inch or ppi – Pixels Per Inch of your photo, image, picture, or graphic. To me there isn’t much difference between the dpi and ppi, but some people might argue differently. They are the same to me because in Photoshop it is referred to as Pixels Per Inch which is ppi. Then, when I go to see the properties of that same picture in a folder, it refers to it as dpi. So, from now on let’s just call it ppi.

Anyway, there two ways that I know of to increase your photo’s ppi. One is by using Adobe Photoshop which is an expensive but very handy Software to have, and the other way is by getting someone else do it for you. If you don’t have the Photoshop and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars buying it, then you can find a professional or an experienced person to do it for you. Normally, to get your printer or some company to print your photo in a good quality you need to have your photos in 300 ppi or ppi, anything over that is overdoing it.

If you do have a Photoshop Program, then here is how to increase the ppi for your image:

- Open your Photoshop Software.
– Go To File in the Main Menu and Click Open…
– Find the Folder and the Picture which you want to have its ppi increased and open it.
– After the desired picture opened, Go To Image in the Main Menu, and Click on Image Size…
– After the Image Size Options open up, find the Resolution box and Enter into it your desired amount of pixels which you’d like that specific picture to have.
– Click OK.
– Now, Go To File in the Main Menu and Click Save As…
– After you name it the way you’d like to, then Click Save.
– When the JPEG Options will pop up, then I’d recommend to set the Quality at a “10” and with “Baseline Optimized” Format Options, Click OK and you’re done.

Photoshop Example


If you decided to give this amazing Adobe Photoshop software a chance, then go to their website adobe.com and download a Free One-Month Trial version. Otherwise you can Buy Adobe Photoshop Extended CS5 and/or Research more about it by clicking on the image below…

Adobe Photoshop Extended CS5


Now that wasn’t hard was it? Well, if you want to learn more about photography then I’d recommend for you to check out these books below. Also, if you know of any FREE ways to increase your photo’s pixels per inch, then please let me know in the Comment section below. Thank you for reading and have fun :)

Digital SLR Cameras and Photography For Dummies Digital Photography For Dummies Photography For Dummies, Second Edition Digital SLR Photography All-in-One For Dummies

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