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Swoosty Problem in WordPress

Swoosty Problem in WordPressDid you have an issue with your WordPress blog post today? Was it because of some weird and annoying Swoosty code insert? Well, I did too, and after asking God for help, I solved it pretty fast. I don’t want to put Swoosty owners down I just want to help those people who got similar problem to get rid of this issue. I don’t know if Swoosty got hacked by someone or what, but that was pretty annoying getting an unknown code inserted into your Blog’s post without your permission. I am using Firefox, by the way, and this issue may only have happened to Firefox users. Also, I noticed that the Google’s Pagerank thing disappeared from my Firefox’s Add-on. Anyway, the code looked like this…

Swoosty Code

Ok, so let’s get started on getting rid of this annoying problems, virus, malware, or whatever it is…

- In your Firefox browser, Go To Tools, and Click on Add-ons menu choice.
– Under the Extensions Tab you should find the Swoosty Extension.
– Click on Disable Button for that Swoosty Extension, and then Click on Remove.
– Now you can either Click on Restart the Firefox or just close the Firefox browser yourself and start it again after couple seconds.
– That’s it. Yep, it’s that simple. You can now go and test your WordPress Blog Posting and this annoying code insert shouldn’t get added anymore.

Swoosty Firefox Extension

If you saved a post with that code in it, just find it in the code view and carefully delete it, then re-save your blog post. Well, hope this helped you, because it sure did give me a relief. Enjoy :)

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I am an Enthusiast of Computer Graphics, Web Graphics, SEO, and Codes. I love designing and developing my own websites and blogs. At the same time I love seeing and sharing about other professional, unique, and high quality designs that people make for their websites, graphics, and software.

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6 Responses to "Swoosty Problem in WordPress"

  1. Le Marroneur says:

    Thanks from France ! Now I have to find who, in my enterprise, was affected by this incredible Firefox add-on ! ;)

    1. Just find the one who actually wrote and published the article :)

  2. Scott Affleck says:

    Wonderful – this is helpful – I saw the code and thought someone hacked my site. This is ridiculous – they are likely selling links to their clients and getting them embedded into sites around the world.

    They should be reported to FF for this – and potentially Google… Complete abuse!

  3. Johnny says:

    Thanks, for pointing that out. I got the same thing and it kind of freaked me out, because at the time, I was working on a client’s site and if the client had of seen the ads, it would have been a major headache for me.

    Well I am done with Swootsy…

  4. josey jasen says:

    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunshine.

  5. Joshua says:

    Great post Vladimir. I was having the exact same problem the last couple of days and this just fixed the problem. Thanks for sharing!!

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