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Tintation – The Web Resources Blog » Computer Tutorials, Informative, Virus Malware Spyware Removal » Reported Attack Page Due To Sokoloperkovuskeci Malicious Software

Reported Attack Page Due To Sokoloperkovuskeci Malicious Software

Reported Attack Page Due To Sokoloperkovuskeci Malicious SoftwareDid Your Blog Got Reported For Sokoloperkovuskeci Malicious Software or Malware? Well mine did. On September 14, 2011 I just wanted to do my daily routine of checking stuff out in the administrator’s end of Tintation Blog, when suddenly, as soon as I hit the Enter key to open my wp-admin page this Big Red Warning Comes Up – Reported Attack Page!

How To Remove Sokoloperkovuskeci Malicious Software or Malware

I mean can you imagine the feeling I got? Yep, pretty disturbing. I got better things to do then trying to fix something that wasn’t suppose to be infected. Well, here is what I did to try to find the problem. First I had to calm down and ask God to help me figure this out and fix it. Then, I ran the full scan through my WordPress blog using Daniel Ansari’s anti-virus or anti-malware tool which I wrote about some time ago, it was called Remove holasionweb.com Virus – Malware. That didn’t help this time.

Then, I went and dug around in my hosting provider’s account to see if there is anything I can find there. Nope nothing helped. Then, I opened my blog’s files in remote view to see which files were modified the most recent that I don’t know of. I did notice that .htaccess file was modified the most recent, but since I never touched this file or new anything about it, I just assumed that it updates itself everyday or something like that. So, after ignoring the .htaccess file, I went and compared my local and remote index, header, and footer files. Still didn’t find anything different or suspicious.

So, now I was thinking that somebody somehow reported my site to get back at me for not promoting their inappropriate blog or website. I decided to text my awesome friend Valik Rudd – Web Developer and Designer. Well, this is where my solutions began:

1. – He paid a close attention to the page which explained why was my blog blocked. Make sure that you do that too for your own blog/website.

2. – First he told me to go and change my ftp login password.

3. – Then, He told me to send him my main index file, my theme’s index file, my theme’s header file, and my theme’s footer file. They were clean, but you need to make sure of that too for future reference.

4. – Since he paid a closer attention to my blog’s reason of being reported, he asked me to search through my files for the domain of sokoloperkovuskeci, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

5. – Then, he somehow knew to check the .htaccess file. So, we did and there it was, The sokoloperkovuskeci Malicious Software/Malware code. To be able to view that .htaccess file I had to open it in Notepad.

6. – So, to get rid of sokoloperkovuskeci code from my .htaccess file here is what I did…

- Using Dreamweaver (or whatever you use for editing your web files) I went to the Remote Files View and in the main root directory double-clicked on the .htaccess file.
– When the window popped up asking me if I wish to overwrite my local copy of .htaccess file I had to say Yes. Note that it is very important to edit the remote file in the server and save it after editing it.
– Valik told me to erase everything until the beginning of this code “# BEGIN WordPress”, starting with this Number sign you must leave it all the way it is.
– Then I saved and uploaded the file, and the Tintation blog got cured.

7. – Now, you might be thinking, How do I remove the blocking warning page from my blog/website. Well, first make sure that it did get fixed by running some free tests using tools like Unmask Parasites, Sucuri, or Stop Badware.

8. – When you are sure that you cleaned your Blog/Website, then you can Request a Malware Review of Your Site by using Google’s Webmaster Tools Home Page and here is how…

- On the Webmaster Tools Home Page, click on the site you want to be reviewed.
– Then, Click Diagnostics link in the left menu, and then click Malware link under the Diagnostics.
– Finally, you can Click on Request a Review.

Well, that is all for now. You may get a different kind of virus or malware on your website or blog which may require different approach to cleaning it. Here are some additional helpful links that you must check out in order to get the proper and Free Support or Help with your Site’s Malware issues:

- Badware Website Clearinghouse
Request a Review
Free resources for finding badware on your site

If you are having computer problems due to possible viruses or spyware in your computer, then I recommend checking this Anti-Spyware Tool below…

Spyware Cease Software

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