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Financially Free

Financially FreeDo you want to be Financially Free? Do you really want to have the true Financial Freedom? Do you even know what Financial Freedom really means? I didn’t really understand its meaning until I recently read a book called Men’s Manual Volume-2 and watched its Seminar DVD’s. That book is teaching me a lot of the right financial concepts, and at the same time helping me look at the money from a different perspective. What most of the books teach us and tell us these days are far off from the true meaning of becoming Financially Free. In this article I would like to tell you The Twenty Important Steps or Goals that we Must take in order to become Financially Free. Yes, these are the steps I learned from that book and now I would like to share them in my own words.

Step One:

To Understand that the Real Success or Wealth can only come from the Lord God Almighty. No I’m not getting all religious now. That is just the truth and the fact of life. We all know and feel deep inside of us that everything is in God’s hands. The money, the power, the beauty, the health, the life, and all of the universe is all 100% in God’s hands and it is all up to Him what will happen in the next second. God exists no matter what the evolutionists believe or prove with their atheistic religion. Until we humble ourselves, realize, and agree with the Truth we will Never be truly happy.

Step Two:

To Understand God’s purposes for Our money. The truth is, the money that we get, are not ours but God’s instead. God gave us that money to use it wisely and not spend it foolishly. So we need to ordain ourselves to God’s principles for the money that He gives us.

Step Three:

To Understand and Refuse the Bogus Financial Concepts. Until you actually reject the fake worldly concepts of money you will never get to the true Financial Freedom. Maybe you were never meant to be Your Own Boss. Maybe you were meant to humble yourself and accept the duties of a good hard-working employee.

Step Four:

To Understand and Accept God’s chastisement for Bad Financial Decisions. Many people have lots of business, friendship, and even family problems because of their wrong decisions for money spending. If you’ll humbly read the Bible continually you’ll understand What God wants you to do with your money. If you won’t use the money God lets you have the way He intended for it to be used, then you can surely expect to be punished or reproved until you set your ways straight.

Step Five:

To Understand that you Must worship God instead of the money. The Bible clearly tells us that we can Not serve two masters, because we will like one and hate the other. Just analyze your behavior and affection towards God and towards money. Who do you give more attention too? Some of you will be surprised to find out that Money (or Mammon, or Wealth) may be your real idol.

Step Six:

To Understand that Tithes and/or Offerings are very important. We must always give to our local morally-good church 10% of any of our Gross Income. Anything on top of that can be considered as an Offering and not as required as the Tithe. God wants us to trust in Him that He will provide. That’s what God was trying to teach the Israelites for 40 years when they were in the desert by only giving them the manna from heaven for one day’s worth except for Sabbaths. Because of the Sabbath Law God gave Israelites food ahead of time so they wouldn’t have to work on that day.

Step Seven:

To Understand that Borrowing is Wrong and Dangerous. More and more people will agree that being in debt takes away the possibility of having Peace, Love, and Joy in their heart towards others. Why? Just look around you. People who borrow are not happy, instead they are mean, angry, and worried.

Step Eight:

To Understand How To Thrive and How To be in Need. From time to time God wants to teach his people how to live while being poor. Also, God wants his people to learn how to manage His money while being rich. By living through both of these times we can learn that money are just temporary things in life which God can give and then take away at any time.

Step Nine:

To Understand How To Withstand the Sales. Just because something is On Sale, doesn’t mean that we have to buy it. In fact, that is how many people get in debt or become hoarders.

Step Ten:

To Understand and Refuse a Deceiver. A deceiver is a person who deceives, fools, or cheats another person. These people can also be called as a swindler, cheater, actor, liar, forger, scammer, or a fraud. When this kind of a person comes to your door the best way to resist them is Not to open the door to them at all, make sure your whole family understand that.

Step Eleven:

To Understand How to Buy. When God gives us money it doesn’t immediately mean that we can buy anything at any time. We must be faithful to God with His money too. How? Well, you can do a deep research of that specific product before buying it. Compare the prices with other stores. Find out consumer reviews regarding the product that you want to buy. Ask God, your wife, and people you know if they know anything about that product or its replacement.

Step Twelve:

To Understand that We Must have a Good Accounting System. By keeping good records of our money spending we can manage our money better. If the IRS calls wanting to audit you, then you’ll be able to pull your records and answer them with a clear conscience and possibly save lots of money. The IRS is not perfect because it is managed by people like us which do make mistakes from time to time, that is how you can save your self some money by keeping the records of your purchases.

Step Thirteen:

To Understand that Lending/Co-signing is Dangerous and Wrong. By lending to your friend, you actually take his focus off from God and put it on you that is when the borrower begins to hate you and avoid you. By co-signing you pretty much become someone’s slave without any benefits. If they’ll get any gain – you don’t get anything from it, but when they lose everything – you must pay everything for them or give everything you have to cover their debt. If someone asks you for money, pray about it and if you can afford it and if God approves then give it to them instead of lending it.

Step Fourteen:

To Understand How To Use Your Own Home to Save or Make some money. Basic health treatment or prevention at home can save you lots of money instead of going to the hospital. Eating at home instead of the restaurant can save you some money and the relationship with your family.

Step Fifteen:

To Understand the Importance of Your Reputation. The Bible teaches us to treat others the way we want to be treated. Are you faithful to your wife, to your boss, or to God? Sometimes people around us see ourselves better than we do. Did you know that can effect their relationship to you and your business? Think about it, you might save or make lots of money like that which then can be used for more of God’s purposes.

Step Sixteen:

To Understand How To Ask God For Money. At one time or the other lots of people including myself asked God for money. Sometimes we forget God’s principles in how and when we are suppose to ask Him for money. Where is your heart? What are your intentions? The Bible can teach you and show you the right examples of praying for money.

Step Seventeen:

To Understand that Partnerships are Dangerous and Wrong. Wicked or Sinful partnerships in Businesses, Families, or Religions are extremely dangerous. God warns us in the Bible to avoid mixing with the unrighteous partnerships. At the same time you might think that it’s ok to partner up with a Christian. Did you know that Business partners often have friendship issues because of important buying or selling decision. One wants one thing and the other wants the other thing. It’s like two heads on top of one body, they both have different likes, opinions, and wants. That is how these kind of companies will fall or break up.

Step Eighteen:

To Understand that Laziness is Dangerous and Wrong. Lazy, Slothful, Inactive, Sluggish, or Slow are all pretty much with the same meaning of Not wanting to work. They will find all kinds of crafty excuses in order Not to work or do something. Slothfulness will bring poverty. Being Slothful and rejecting that you are is more dangerous than you could every imagine. I believe America today is full of people like that, and many of them are in the government.

Step Nineteen:

To Understand that You Must listen to Your Wife’s Warnings. Many Christian and non-Christian people today don’t listen to their wifes in important or unimportant Business decisions. I’ve heard many of true-life stories about people who listened to their wifes and saved lots of money, time, or businesses. At the same time I’ve heard even more true-life stories of people who didn’t listen to their wifes and are still reaping their bad decisions which could have been avoided.

Step Twenty:

To Understand the Importance of an Inheritance. There are places in the Bible where God reminds us to gather or collect an inheritance for our own children. The kids are Not the ones who are suppose to help or take care of parents financially. We, the parents are the ones who are suppose to help our kids get a head start in life and maybe even pay off their house. Because of our own Bad Financial decisions we are still paying off our own houses which gives no time or resources to invest in our kids.

Well, that’s all for now. These are the twenty important steps to take in order to receive God’s Financial Freedom. That is the way I understood them and put them in my own words after reading this book called Men’s Manual Volume-2 and after watching their DVD’s. I’m still working on applying them all in my own life. I thought I’d share them with you so you can get on the right track too as soon as you can. So, save yourself some money, time, and health and Get This Seminar Book from Amazon with-OUT the DVD’s which will get me a little commission, or Get This Men’s Manual Vol-2 Book WITH the Seminar DVD’s from their official website called Institute in Basic Life Principles for which I won’t receive any commission and that is totally fine with me :) Personally I’d get the whole set from the official website, but if you can’t afford it then get just the book from the Amazon.

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2 Responses to "Financially Free"

  1. Janeth Jag Belushi says:

    thank you so much for the steps.. I like Step Sixteen: To Understand How To Ask God For Money. At one time or the other lots of people including myself asked God for money. Sometimes we forget God’s principles in how and when we are suppose to ask Him for money. Where is your heart? What are your intentions? The Bible can teach you and show you the right examples of praying for money.
    I agree with this.. sometimes we ask God without thinking it.. I admit that I’m also included with this. thank you writer for you wonderful site.

    1. You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed this article :)

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