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Guidelines For Remarkable Article Writing

Guidelines For Remarkable Article WritingWhether you are trying to write a better Guest Post or an Article for your own Blog, this article can and will help your straighten your Writing Skills, Abilities, and Intentions. I’m really trying to improve the quality of articles I write for this blog and my other blogs. I am becoming more and more picky on what will be posted here or anywhere else that I own. I want my readers to enjoy reading this blog so much that they would want to keep on coming back and to keep on sharing it with their friends and followers who are interested in Web Development, Graphics, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Blogging. So let’s not waste anymore time and begin right away with the important factors or guidelines for article writing.

The Basics:

The Basics of Guidelines for Article Writing are pretty simple. Did you find the right time and place to write? Make sure there is no distractions. If you know there will be some distractions, then take care of them first. Walk your dog, make a dinner, help your kids with homework, or fix whatever it is that needs to be fixed. If you know that you are suppose to do some of those important things, then don’t even start writing anything yet, because then You will become The Distraction and not your family, pets, or things. Your spouse or your kids can come and ask you for something that will distract you from your concentration which will make you forget an important thought which then can make you become angry at your family. Believe me, family is more important than any job, money, and/or any hobby. After you have done what you were suppose to do, then you can just ask them nicely to let you work quietly and undisturbed. To read more about this kind of a topic check out my other post called To Write or Not To Write – That is The Question.

The Uniqueness:

Be Unique in your article writing. There are millions of bloggers today and millions of blogs. So make sure that you provide your readers and visitors with high quality, unique, rich, and exclusively-related-to-Your-blog content Only. Don’t ever copy someone else’s articles into your blog. It is illegal and annoying. The internet is full of junk and copied material. Help us stop that nonsense, instead let’s create a better, cleaner, clearer, and a very unique virtual world.

The Topics:

You must try to find a very useful and beneficial niche or topic for the article you are writing whether it’s for your blog or for some guest post. Make sure that your article’s niche or topic is totally related to your blog, product, or service. Want your topic or niche to be more prosperous and beneficial? Then use “The Right” keywords… I recommend using Free Google AdWords Keyword Tool to try and find a Keyword that has much more Global Monthly Searches than the Search Results in Google Search. If you want to know how I use that tool to find those awesome keywords that help my articles be in the top or close to top positions, then read my recent article called How To Search For Keywords.

The Voice:

People have many different opinions on this topic, but the best one is to be yourself. Your blog is you. Your blog suppose to reflect yourself. Show your readers that you are alive and that your blog is not just another internet page that needs to be closed as fast as possible. Be honest and don’t pretend to be someone else, that will get you in trouble sooner or later. Be yourself and try to talk from your point of view. Let people know your opinion and your advice, you’ll be amazed how many readers you’ll attract to your blog.

The Text:

The text in your articles should be formatted very pleasantly. It needs to be very easy to read and look upon. Important keywords, topics, and/or ideas can be made bold or capitalized. Keep your paragraphs full of needed info but not long nor short. Try to avoid typing up a bunch of text to make your article huge and full of keywords for search engines. If you want your blog to prosper, use your articles to hunt for readers and Not for search engines. So, keep your article’s paragraphs and word count as much as it takes for you to deliver your message across.

The Graphics:

Many bloggers and I recommend using images and/or graphics in your articles. Images make your articles feel more alive and vivid. Without any graphics the articles seem dull and boring. People grow up on the outside, but on the inside we are all still little kids, we still like and want books with pictures. Somehow vivid books and blogs grab people’s attention better. It takes more time to read than to look at a picture and understand what that article is going to be about. Also, remember to watch out for copyright laws. When you’re getting or redesigning images for your articles make sure that you are doing it legally.

The Proofreading:

This is a very important step in article writing. After you have written your article for your blog or as a guest post, please read it yourself. You will be amazed how many mistakes you’ll find in your own article. Use a spell checking tool in your Blog posting document or software. It’s just embarrassing to see the amount of illiterate people these days who can’t even spell the most common and simple words. I mean it has become so bad that you can’t even play Scrabble or Words-With-Friends games with those kind of people.

The Bio:

Make your Byline, Bio, or About the Author section straight to the point. Usually it only needs about one or two sentences. Tell the readers who you are and what you do. Some people prefer to put their RSS links in there and some even add their blog’s URL.

So remember, next time you write an article for your blog or as a guest post, do it right. Forgot how? Follow my guidelines for article writing and you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll get positive reaction from your readers and from the blogs for which you are submitting your guest posts.

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I am an Enthusiast of Computer Graphics, Web Graphics, SEO, and Codes. I love designing and developing my own websites and blogs. At the same time I love seeing and sharing about other professional, unique, and high quality designs that people make for their websites, graphics, and software.

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    Wonderful article, it teaches someone some of the writing skills, abilities, and intentions that a blogger should possess when planning to have their own article.

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    Great article many thanks for tips and tricks.

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