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Free Complete Google +1 Button Guide

Free Complete Google +1 Button GuideHave you seen the Google +1 Button yet? Have you installed it into your Website or Blog? Well, I’ve seen it and I tried it out, it does work. I’m planing to use the +1 Button on my Blog some time soon. I didn’t leave it after testing because I didn’t have time yet to make it blend in with my Blog. I recommend that you do the same thing I did. First, Check out the Google’s +1 Button. Then, try it out on your Blog or Website. If you liked it then you can find time to make it blend in and fit nicely on your Sites. To properly get introduced to this Google +1 Button, watch this Official Google’s Video below.


So, do you like Google’s new invention? Have you considered writing about Google +1 Button? Want some Free Images and/or Graphics of this Plus One Idea? Well then, it’s your lucky day, I’ve found and posted a Free set of Amazing Google +1 Buttons. Check it out, Download it, and write about it when you’ll find some time. This way we’ll be able to get more people interested and notified about this new fun tool that Google came up with. Below is the sample image of this Free set of Google +1 Button Graphics.

Google +1 icon sets by iconshock


When was the last time you checked your Google profiles page? Did you know that when you Click on Google’s Plus One Buttons at people’s Websites and Blogs, youre Bookmarking/Voting history gets saved into your Profile’s +1’s Tab? Go to your Google Profiles page. Your photo should be on the top left side and to the right side there should be some Tabs like “About” and/or “Buzz”. Well, you can add a “PicasaWeb” tab and a “+1’s” tab to that menu. When you are logged in the +1’s tab should already be visible to you, but if you log out it may disappear. To fix that you must manually allow for that tab to be shown. Here is How you can Turn Your +1’s Tab on for your Google Profiles so it’s visible to others too:

1. – Make sure that you are logged in into the appropriate Google Profile page and stay on it.

2. – To the right of your Profile’s name there should be a Button called “Edit Profile”, Click on it.

3. – Now you can Click on the “+1’s” tab.

4. – A checkbox with this text should appear “Show this tab on my profile”. Put the checkmark in it.

5. – Now you can Click the “Save” button below that checkbox, and then the “Done editing” button on top.

Google +1 Tab CheckBox


So, do you want to know an easy way to get the code for this +1 Button from Google? Well, you came to right place, just follow this link and you’ll be taken to the Official Free Google +1 Button Generator. It is Free and very easy to use. Here is how to create and install the code for +1 Button on your Website or Blog:

1. – Select the Size and Language of the Google +1 Button.

2. – Then Copy the whole second line (in the 2nd Step of the image below). Paste it into the HEAD section of your Website or Blog, in other words, before the closing HTML “head” tag. If you don’t know how to Copy and Paste, and read this article I wrote sometime before called How to Select, Copy and Paste, and Cut and Paste.

3. – As you can see in the image below the Third Step is pretty easy and similar to the Second Step. Just Copy the very bottom line of code from that Text Area. Paste it into the exact place where you would like to see the Google +1 Button appear. If you still don’t know how to properly place this button on your site, then please ask your own web developer for help.

Free Google +1 Button Generator


Also, if you feel like you know enough in programming and Web Development, then you might want to check out the Official Google +1 Button API Page. This page provides the API Basics, JavaScript, Parameters, and FAQs for the Google +1 Button. Check it out, code it, and share it with all of us here in the comment section below. Yep, share with us the pages that you are using this +1 Button at so we can see how it looks and maybe get some ideas and inspirations from your examples.

Free Google +1 Button API

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I am an Enthusiast of Computer Graphics, Web Graphics, SEO, and Codes. I love designing and developing my own websites and blogs. At the same time I love seeing and sharing about other professional, unique, and high quality designs that people make for their websites, graphics, and software.

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2 Responses to "Free Complete Google +1 Button Guide"

  1. Marco says:

    Hello, I have installed google button +1 on my website, but i have a problem with the image associated when I click. The image it’s totally different and not related to the product, where the button it’s installed. How can resolve it?

  2. gudka says:

    I did not see any major results as far as +1 Button is concerned although it is good option to avail but i think its not complete to take overview and also users does not go long to click on +1 Button.

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