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My Recent Blogging Discovery

My Recent Blogging DiscoveryFor a while now I’ve been wanting to find some time or a way of finding more people and/or friends to follow and to get to follow me that share the same interests as me. I don’t just want to start gathering bunch of spammers and I don’t want to be a spammer either. I just wanted to find “The Right Kind of People” that have similar purposes and goals while being on the internet and blogging like me. In the News Feed on Facebook I was able to accidentally come across an article that was posted on Darren Rowse’s Problogger blog called “7 Habits of Professional Bloggers” by Ali Luke of Aliventures.

I read the whole article and really liked it, of course I reTweeted it and clicked “Like” on it too. Anyway, this article helped me realize what I’m doing wrong and what I should improve about myself. As you have probably noticed already that I haven’t been very consistent with my article posts on Tintation.com and on GenuineAid.com I have too much distractions, very important distractions. I have lots of things to do at home with my family and that really slows me down with my blogging. Since family is more important, I will always have to find time for it first.

After Ali Luke’s article I realized how I can find more time without any distractions for my blogging and marketing. Wake Up Earlier. Believe it or not, but that is very hard to do sometimes. After talking to some people I know, I found out that I’m not the only one who’s having trouble getting up early. If I’ll get up at 5:00 am then that seems like not enough time, so I’m thinking 4:00 am would be better.

Also, she reminded me that I can pre-plan ahead or pre-schedule my articles, which I knew before. For some reason I didn’t realize how important it is to stay Consistent and Up-To-Date on my Blogging. Somehow her article woke my blogging passion up.

Her Article recommended to become a regular reader of great Blogging and Writing related blogs and she gave three examples:

Daily Blog Tips

So I went and checked them out. On those blogs I found more interesting articles to read and learn from. At the end of the day I was so overwhelmed with the information in my head, I was afraid of loosing it. Immediately I created the Bookmark folder which I called “Important” and filled it with only 2 Links. Yep :) only two. Seems like it wasn’t even worth creating this folder, but it was, it really was. It’s like I found two very important, super organic, nice, and juicy fruits that contain lots and lots of Nutrients in them which can only be seen by paying very close attention to them.

The First Link that I put in that “Important” folder points to the article called “30 Bloggers To Watch in 2010” by Jade Craven. At first it might seem like a useless article with just names and some links, but it’s not true, these are very important names and links. If you are a Blogger and like to Blog about Blogging topics too, then you better make sure that you are in the right crowd of people, otherwise you’ll be wasting your time on your Social Media sites.

The Second Link that I saved in that “Important” folder points to the article called “60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online” by Sam Rosen. This article has 60 important names with their twitter usernames and their very helpful and unique statements for building a better digital influence.

So, now what? We got names, we got Twitter usernames, and so what… Well, these people can and will help you understand and learn new and/or better ways for promoting and improving your online work. They can help you promote your products and services in a way that will make your life and your reader’s lives easier. You’ll understand how NOT to spam people and annoy them with your stuff. At the same time you’ll learn how to become friendly and caring with your customers and readers. You’ll get better experience in professional blogging and you’ll be able to earn your visitor’s Trust.

By knowing these people’s Twitter usernames, you can find their blogs and websites through their Twitter Profiles. From their blogs and websites you can find their other social media networks. After reading and looking through these people’s blogs I realized a very important truth about Online Appearance. Content is NOT the “only” king anymore for blogging, but People who you know and who know you ONLINE is “another” very important king for blogging. People need people, and not just people, but the right people to help them grow, improve, understand, realize, teach, learn, and even make some money. Also, respect your readers, if you want to be respected.

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I am an Enthusiast of Computer Graphics, Web Graphics, SEO, and Codes. I love designing and developing my own websites and blogs. At the same time I love seeing and sharing about other professional, unique, and high quality designs that people make for their websites, graphics, and software.

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