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Tintation – The Web Resources Blog » SEO & SEM » To Write or Not To Write – That is The Question

To Write or Not To Write – That is The Question

To Write or Not To Write - That is The QuestionTo write or not to write – that is the question many bloggers have these days. The answer is pretty simple, Yes, of course you need and must write more and more of good and useful articles. Why? Because that is how you will become more interesting for your readers and for the public that still haven’t become your Blog’s repeated visitors. I really like Darren Rowse’s statement which I heard just recently, it was something like “Every Post is like a Door to your Blog”. This quote opened my eyes even more towards writing and improving my own Blogs. Darren Rowse is an awesome blogger and my own inspiration for having this Tintation blog. Since the answer is Yes to writing then immediately another question pops up… What to write about? Well, For that question I have three words in order to be able to answer it, Relax, Focus, and Write. Let me explain a little more each one of these words below.

Relax – Yes, sometimes some people just need to relax before doing anything, especially before writing something that you will post for the whole world to see. I noticed myself that I need to relax before coming up with something new to write about. Just make yourself stop worrying about whatever it is stopping you from relaxing. For some people turning on their favorite music or radio station can help relax. For others eating something fun and yummy, or getting up very early, or stretching and exercising a little, or just find a nice comfortable room or place for writing. So, make sure to relax before trying to come up with what to write about.

Focus – Concentrating and Focusing is an important step too in deciding what to write about. When I try to come up with an idea or a topic to write about for my Blog or Blogs, I just look at my Blog’s Categories. I click through them and see which ones are empty, very low on content, or which ones haven’t been expanded for a while now. Another step that I do for getting ideas for my Blog’s Posts is look through the blogs and website that I really like and see what they have that is very interesting to me and that is related to my Blog’s topics too. Think about what you already know or have experienced with and tell about it to your readers, but remember to make sure that it relates to your Blog’s content. Or just do a research about what you really want to know, and after doing your research you can tell your Blog’s readers what you learned, especially the best and most interesting facts.

Write – Start writing and don’t put it away for later because you might not have enough time later on. Don’t just write, write for yourself, make sure that you like it, make sure that it is more than good enough for you yourself. Don’t worry about what people think or will think of your or your writings, because there will always be someone who doesn’t like you or your content. Why? Because that is just the way it is, look at Apple company, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and so on, they all have someone who doesn’t like them or even tries to compete with them. Even innocent Japanese who were suffering from the earthquake, tsunami, and radiation disasters got haters on the comments of Yahoo News. Yes, that is true I went to Yahoo News to read the updates of Japanese Disaster and down below the article the good people were posting comments of encouragement and support for Japan, but some idiotic bad people were clicking the Thumbs Down on those comments. I was shocked to see that there actually were stupid people like that. So, that is why you should just write your articles and posts for your blog as if you were writing them for yourself alone.

In conclusion I would like to say that this post turned out pretty good, I impressed myself with this article. Not too long and not too short, just perfect, with perfect three points that will help you write better and think better. So, remember to enjoy your blog and the blogging experience, because this is your blog and you created it for a reason. Enjoy your blogging and soon you’ll make good money with it too. Also, if you got anything else that you would like to add to this article’s steps in getting ideas for new posts, then just let us know in the comment section below.

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