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Review Of My 3GS 16GB Apple iPhone

Review Of My 3GS 16GB Apple iPhoneIn 2010 I finally got myself a 3GS 16GB Black iPhone and so far I really love it. It works great and it has a huge variety of downloads that I can choose from in the App Store. Yes, I am one of those people who only could choose one out of two internet options the very limited one and the not very limited one. The unlimited internet option for my iPhone at AT&T was not even an option because of extreme amount of customers using the iPhone at the same time. But, so far I wasn’t anywhere near to my limits of the usage of the internet. I love iPhone because after paying for it and for the monthly fees you can actually enjoy some amazing apps and games for free after legally downloading them from the internet in the App Store.

iPhone without the internet? I don’t understand why would you even go for that, because the very fun part of the iPhone is what it can do for you using the internet. No, my iPhone is not jailbroken, and no thank you, I don’t want to loose my warranty with AT&T or Apple. Why did I choose iPhone 3GS? Because some of my relatives had it and they heard that 3GS iPhones had the least amount of issues. I had an option between the 3G, 3GS, and the 4G iPhones, but I decided to listen to people’s reviews and opinions. Also, I went to a restaurant recently and guess who I met there… Believe it or not I talked to an official AT&T’s customer support worker and as soon as they found out that I got the iPhone 3GS, they told me to stay with it and that it is indeed the best iPhone choice so far.

I got the Refurbished iPhone 3GS, because it was cheaper than the newer ones. I know, I know that you can find good reasons to go with a new one, but at the same time I can find you good reasons to go with a refurbished phone too. So, let’s just not go there, refurbished one works like new and looks like new, still, so, I am very happy and have no regrets at all about getting a refurbished iPhone. Oh, yeah, just a reminder, don’t click through Home Screens, Apps, and Games on your iPhone too rapidly, because that will most likely freeze or slow down your iPhone. And if for any reason your iPhone acts weird on you, then just hold the power button for a while and the “Slide To Power Off” option will appear, shut it down, then after couple second turn it back on and enjoy :)

I would like to tell you about editing and deleting the Apps and the Games on an iPhone. On the iPhone you can have multiple Home Screens on which you can collect your Apps and Games. As far as I remember in the iPhone User’s Guide it says that you can have up to nine of these Home Screens, but I only have one, because I created folders as you can see that in the right image above. Also, just so you know how to move around and create folders in your iPhone, you just press and hold on one of the Apps or Games that you wish to be move or deleted. Then the icons will begin to shake and most of them will have the little X sign in their top corners. That X sign will delete that App or Game. While, your icons shake press on the specific icon and move it to where you want to move it, to a different position, home screen, or folder. To create a folder, just press and hold on a specific icon while it’s shaking and move it on top of the other icon with which you wish the first icons to be.

So, the Apps and the Games that I have on my iPhone are as follows, starting from the top left corner:

- Google Maps Application
– Yahoo Weather Application
– iPhone Camera Application
– iTunes App Store Application
– BLB (Blue Letter Bible) Application
– Games Folder 1 (Game Center, Dragon Free, Labyrinth 2 Lite, Labyrinth Lite, MMazeLite, Cube 3D Puzzle 4 in 1, SuperLaserLt, Chess Free, Lasers Free, PM Crazy, Vocal Zoo, Flight Deck)
– Games Folder 2 (Words With Friends Free, TicTacFree, GlassTower2, Geared, Tetra3D, Moron Free, Stupid Game, Pocket Tanks, Tron, Angry Birds Lite, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons)
– Games Folder 3 (Racer, Snake, LEGO Instruct, Wordmaster, Unblock Me Free, Vocal Zoo+)
– Tools Folder 1 (Settings, Kik, RedLaser, Compass, Calendar, Voice Memos, Notes, Clock, Calculator, Converter+, Flashlight Free, Facebook)
– Tools Folder 2 (Messages, SouthHound, Emoji, PowerOne FL, Free GraCalc, WordPowerLt, Pedometer, Food Scanner, Translator, Currency, Stocks)
– Photo Edit Folder (Photos, PhotoShop Express)
– Music Video Folder (iPod, iTunes, RadioMv, Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, redbox)
– Phone Application
– Mail Application
– Safari Application
– Contacts Application

Well, that was a pretty big list, but for some of you this would only be the first Home screen of your iPhone. I collected so many tools, apps, and games for just in case times. You know what I mean, sometimes I might need a break or something like that :) Anyway, my mostly used Apps and Games are Yahoo Weather, Angry Birds, Geared, GlassTower, Pocket Tanks, and Words With Friends. The reason I got the BLB App is just in case I’ll need a Bible in many different languages, then I’ll be able to pull out my awesome iPhone and there it is. Kik is an awesome chat Application that pretty much looks and works like a Message App without having to pay for the Texting. I like to use the Weather and Clock Apps to see the different weather info and times in many other locations of the world. Currency App is nice to have just in case you want to be up to date on the value of the money in different countries. Netflix and Pandora are fun for Movies and Music when you’re not at home. Vocal Zoo+ has many fun animals sounds for playing with and teaching kids. And finally the PS Express is an awesome and totally free Adobe Photoshop Application for an iPhone which you can use to quickly and easily improve the quality and effects of your iPhone taken Photos.

What else can I say? If you don’t have an iPhone, you are wasting your time with some other phone device. Before this iPhone I had a LG Vu touchscreen phone – what a piece of crap. The screen was plastic so it wasn’t very sensitive like the iPhone is and it got scratched a lot easier. I love iPhone’s glass screen, never gets scratched if you are somewhat careful, and that is why I don’t buy the plastic covers for the screen because they’ll get scratched really fast. Anyway, I really recommend an iPhone for everyone to have if you can afford it. Don’t ever use credit cards to buy fun toys and accessories which loose value immediately. I’d try staying away from credit cards period. Why? Because it is insanely hard to pay them off and get rid of them later on. I barely got out without any bankruptcy. Now I only try to keep one credit card for just in case and for credit history.

Below are the Images of the Products that I recommend and/or have similar to them, you must make sure yourself if the iPhone that you want is Unblocked or Jailbroken or still in original factory setting, contact the seller before buying. The Black 3GS 16GB iPhone is what I have and Love It. The White 3GS 16GB iPhone is what my wife has and she Loves it too. The Griffin Black leather iPhone Passport Wallet made by Elan is what I use for my iPhone, ID, and Plastic Cards. I love this wallet, you can see that it is high quality leather and stitches. So, feel free to click on these images to be taken to their original product page at Amazon and make sure to check out their reviews before buying, who know maybe you won’t like something. Also, let me know in the comment section what kind of an iPhone do you have and what Apps and why…

Buy This Similar to mine Black Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB…
Black Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB

Buy This Similar to mine Griffin iPhone Elan Passport Wallet…
Griffin iPhone Elan Passport Wallet.

Buy This Similar to my wife’s White iPhone 3GS 16GB…
White iPhone 3GS 16GB

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  1. Jesse says:

    Nice review! I’ve started using 3GS iPhone recently and I think using such phone is advantage for anyone. I enjoyed this review. Thanks

  2. Adam Ghilchrist says:

    Cool review!! I really enjoyed your write-up about 3GS 16GB apple iphone. You will be glad to know that I’ve been a long time user of 3GS 16GB apple iphone. Thanks mate :)

    E-commerce software

  3. Andy says:

    Hi, nice website, i can only recommend! I have bookmarked for future reference! All the best

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