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7 Beautiful Church Websites

7 Beautiful Church WebsitesDo you go to church? Have you checked out some of the church websites lately? Well… I go to a North Idaho Country Chapel, and I did checked out some of the church websites. I was able to find some really nice Church Websites with very nice graphics and beautiful functionality. So, I decided to share with you all these seven, professional, unique, beautiful, and nicely functional Church Websites. Yes, I did see some cheap and ugly websites too, but in between them I found these beautiful gems :) I was very happy to share my church’s website too, because they recently made it look a lot better and more professional.

So, below I provided you with the seven beautiful church websites, their current pageranks, their URL’s, their names, their addresses, their phone numbers, their pastors, and most of their email addresses. Also, you will notice that I provided the churches for NorthWest part of the USA just because I live in the NorthWest and I just didn’t want to look for more yet, maybe later in another article I’ll provide some more beautiful church websites from the rest of the USA, and then later on from the rest of the world.


Google Page Rank = 3
Calvary Spokane
511 W Hastings Rd.
Spokane, Washington 99218
Pastor Ken Ortize
Calvary Spokane - Beautiful Church Website



Google Page Rank = 1
Calvary Chapel Olympia
919 Division St. NW
Olympia, Washington 98502
Pastor Chuck Lind
Calvary Chapel Olympia - Beautiful Church Website



Google Page Rank = 2
Calvary Everett
2802 Wetmore Ave.
Everett, Washington 98201
Pastor Kenneth Sutton
Calvary Everett - Beautiful Church Website



Google Page Rank = 3
Morning Star Community Church
4775 27th Ave. SE
Salem, Oregon 97302
Pastor Scott Nelson
Morning Star Community Church - Beautiful Church Website



Google Page Rank = 3
North Country Chapel
2281 West Seltice
Post Falls, Idaho 83854
Pastor Bob Davis
North Country Chapel - Beautiful Church Website



Google Page Rank = 2
Calvary Chapel South Los Angeles
5716 Alba St.
Los Angeles, California 90058
Pastor David Trujillo
Calvary Chapel South Los Angeles - Beautiful Church Website



Google Page Rank = 2
Warehouse Christian Ministries
9933 Business Park Dr.
Sacramento, California 95827
Pastor Louis Neely
Warehouse Christian Ministries - Beautiful Church Website

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3 Responses to "7 Beautiful Church Websites"

  1. Sonia Trujillo says:

    I am so excited to see that you picked my churches web site as one of the most beautiful you found. I googled the name of my church to get the address and I stumbled across your page. Praise God.

    1. Sonia Trujillo says:

      I am the Pastor’s wife of David Trujillo. Senior Pastor of CC South Los Angeles :)

  2. web_tasarimi says:

    really nice article, thanks for sharing..

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