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MoneyMasters Super WordPress Theme by GloThemes

MoneyMasters Super WordPress Theme by GloThemesDo you have Products or Services that you would like to sell, but don’t have the awesome or professional enough website to do it? Have you done some research on themes and websites that people sell for your Products or Services? Well, I did, but then, I didn’t have to go far because I know a good, professional, and honest programmer myself. And guess what, he created a simple, yet professional, full of amazing options, easy-to-use, with advanced features, very beautiful, and not expensive WordPress Theme. His name is Valik Rudd, and his Amazing Theme that is available for sale is called MoneyMasters Super Theme.

Here are some really Awesome and Detailed Features of the MoneyMasters Super Theme:

- Custom Design
– Right, Left Aligned Sidebar
– Custom Background Image Upload
– Custom Blog SEO META Info
– Customize Background Colors
– Customize Post Titles Colors
– Site-wide Text Settings
– Customize Navigation Bar Links
– Customize Links Colors
– Hide Post Dates
– Set a Quick Text Logo or
– Upload Custom Logo Image
– Featured Posts Slideshow
– Easy Slideshow Management
– Upload Custom Banner Image
– Make Banner Clickable
– Show/Hide Banner
– Add Lead-Capture Form
– Choose Form Button Text
– Social Link Buttons
– Add Your Own Feedburner URL
– Custom SEO Setting
– In-Post Video Ready
– Post & Page Social Sharing
– Custom Twitter Feed
– Banner Ads Ready
– Custom In-Content Ad Boxes
– Footer Slideout Ad Bar
– Launch Countdown Splash Page
– Widget Ready
– Zero Plugins to Install, All Built-In
– Increases Blog Performance!
– Free Updates For Ever!
– One-Click Updates!
– 100% Money Back Guarantee!
– Superior Support!
– Comes with One Domain License
– Installation Available, $75
– Turn Key Setup, $399 + $9.99/mo.

MoneyMasters WordPress Theme PreviewAre you freaking out because of the prices that you just saw or $75.00 and of $399.00 + $9.99 per month? Well, don’t freak out at all, because these prices are for different kinds of people and I’ll explain in detail below. This Beautiful and Professional WordPress MoneyMasters Super Theme is only $79.97 and it is only for one license that will only work on one domain name. Yes, all you pay is one time payment of $79.97 and you get the FULL features and the FULL MoneyMasters WordPress Theme.

Did you see that I said “FULL”… Yep, that means there should be a FREE Limited Version too… Well, there is one, WOW!!! Yes, you can even Test Drive this Amazing Theme For FREE!!! If you get the Free Version of this theme, then you won’t be able to enjoy the Full Benefits of this Amazing Theme, but at least you’ll get the feel of what it work like and looks like after you install it on your WordPress. Yes, you should already have the WordPress Installed on your server for this theme to work.

I hate limited versions of software or products, it’s like having your favorite candy or ice cream right in front of you, and you can only smell it and look at it but not actually enjoy it :) That would piss me off!!! Well, that is why you should just pay the $79.97 that the programmer deserves and enjoy the full benefits of this amazing MoneyMasters Theme.

But what if you don’t have a WordPress Installed on your server and you don’t even want to deal with that? Also, maybe you don’t know how to install this theme on your current server. That is where the additional $75.00 come in.

MoneyMasters WordPress Theme Administrators page PreviewIf you have the domain name and a hosting server with GoDaddy or some other kind of company, then you can pay the additional $75.00 with the $79.97 which totals out to be only $154.97 To choose this option make sure that you find it in the Services Page under the “MoneyMasters Theme Installation – $75″ option. And remember to provide Valik with your PayPal Transaction ID, FTP Host (ie. ftp.domain.com), FTP User Name, FTP Password, and the Default site directory (optional).

So, what’s the $399.00 with the $9.99 per month deal about? I’m glad you asked :) If you don’t have a server and a domain name, or you don’t even know what the heck that means, but you really want this beautiful and professional MoneyMasters WordPress Theme for yourself. Then you need to First buy this theme for $79.97 and then buy the “Turn Key MoneyMasters Theme – $399 + $9.99/mo” option. Make sure to provide Valik with Your PayPal Transaction ID, Blog Name, Admin User Name, Admin Password, and your preferred domain name (URL internet address). Your first time total should be for all this $488.96 and then $9.99 every month after that. Do not freak out if this is the option that you need to go with, because for a basic internet user to buy a professional website, domain name, hosting account, and keep it running all the time it will cost a lot more than this. I know of companies that charge thousands of dollars to buy a website and then who know how much for keeping it live on the internet.

Well, what do you think, are you ready to get this theme? Go ahead and sleep on it or even do some research and compare the prices and the features with other companies. Make sure that you can trust those companies with your personal information like usernames, passwords, and FTP information. If you go with this theme and its owner Valik Rudd, then believe me you won’t need to worry about your personal info, because I know him personally and he is very reliable, honest, organized, and professional.

If you have questions that you want Valik to answer you then you can contact him on his Contact Page. Thank you for reading and enjoy your own MoneyMasters Super WordPress Theme.

MoneyMasters Super WordPress Theme by GloThemes

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I am an Enthusiast of Computer Graphics, Web Graphics, SEO, and Codes. I love designing and developing my own websites and blogs. At the same time I love seeing and sharing about other professional, unique, and high quality designs that people make for their websites, graphics, and software.

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3 Responses to "MoneyMasters Super WordPress Theme by GloThemes"

  1. Duane Mccormik says:

    Cool stuff, thanks! I learned some new stuff just by reading this.

  2. Andy Tom says:

    Hello sir, at first I want to thanks you to give this info. Your theme color is also fantastic. I like it. I share this info with some of my friends. Thanks ;)

  3. Valik says:

    Wow, thanks man for such a thorough coverage of my WordPress theme! Indeed this is the best wordpress theme that I’ve seen online and is super easy to use. Many people see a great theme, stuffed with all kinds of features but when they get to using it, they find out that it is too confusing and it becomes useless to them. With MoneyMasters, my goal was to incorporate all the great features into the theme while keeping it super simple to use so everyone could take advantage of every single feature if they choose to. Thanks again for writing about it! ~ Valik

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