Photoshop Realistic Sticker Tutorial

Preview of a Completed StickerI was looking through one of the Web Designer Magazines and found this awesome Photoshop Tutorial on Creating Stickers for your websites and blogs. Well, after looking at it, I decided to practice it myself and to write a tutorial for my own future needs and for Tintation readers.So, pop over here to check out some cool stickers for your website or blog site. A lot of people prefer using stickers on their websites or blogs because it is one simple yet an interesting way of advertising what you have in mind. You can use some of these stickers to the best of your advantage, especially when advertising on social media or your very own YouTube channel. You might however think it is quite daunting to get a great sticker but on the contrary it is quite simple. So, this Tutorial is pretty simple and easy to follow, just make sure to follow it step by step. So, here it is, The Photoshop Tutorial on Creating Your Own Realistic Sticker Graphics.

Preview of a Sticker Tutorial– Create a New Photoshop File by going to File, New. In the New File Text Fields you can Make it to be 300 pixels Width and Height, 72 pixels per inch Resolution, 8 bit RGB Color Mode, and with a White Background Color.
– So far in your Layers Palette there should only be the default white Background Layer.
– Create a New Layer.

Preview of a Sticker Tutorial– Choose the Gradient Tool with Linear Gradient from Black to White Colors. Then Click and Drag from the bottom to the top of your Document Window to make a nice gradient go from black (bottom) to white (top).
– Create another New Layer.
– Click on the Black Foreground Color and change the Hex Value at the bottom from #000000 to #25216d, it will look like a nice blue color.

Preview of a Sticker Tutorial– Choose the Elliptical Marquee Tool and Create a Circle in the Middle of your Document Window about 200×200 pixels.
– Click Edit, Fill…, and Make Sure it is going to Fill in the Foreground Color and click OK.
– While the Selection is still active, Create a third New Layer, that’s 4 Layers Total now.

Preview of a Sticker Tutorial– While In the New Fourth Layer with an active Selection, Click Edit, Stroke…, and in the Stroke Text Fields Make the Width to be 7 pixels, Color White, and with an Outside Location. Click OK.
– Click File, Save As…, and save this File as sticker-tutorial.psd so we can keep our work from being lost.
– Click on the little Black and White Icon called Default Foreground and Background Colors to Set the Foreground Color to Black and the Background Color to White.
– Make sure your Circular Selection is still active.
– Create another New Layer.
– Choose the Gradient Tool, Make it to be the Linear Gradient, Foreground to Background, Multiply Mode, and with Opacity of 50 percent. Now, Click and Drag from the bottom right corner of your active circular selection to the top left corner.
– Select All of your Layers except the White Default Background Layer and the Gradient Layer, and Right-Click on those selected Layers, and Choose Merge Layers.
– Hold Ctrl Key and Click on this Blue circle’s Thumbnail of its Layer, so we can select all of this blue circle with its white border.
– Duplicate or Copy and Paste this Circle Selection into another Layer and Hide that Layer by clicking its eye icon.
Preview of a Sticker Tutorial– Choose Polygonal Lasso Tool and Deselect a corner of this circle selection.
– On the bottom of Layers Palette there is a button called Add Layer Mask, click on it once.
– Now, Click Select from the Main Menu and then Reselect.
– UnHide the Duplicated Layer and while the selection is active click the Delete Key on your Keyboard.

Preview of a Sticker Tutorial– This is how my Layers Palette Looks Like so far.
– Create another New Layer and place this Layer between the Mask Layer and the Peel Layer.
– Choose the Text Tool and Add your own desired text. You can modify your text in any way you like and rotate it too if you want to.
– Click on the Peel Layer.

Preview of a Sticker Tutorial– Click Edit, Transform, and click on Rotate 180 degrees. When I did that I had some very skinny round lines show up in the top left corner of my Document Window, so I had to carefully manually delete them using the Eraser Tool.
– Create a New Layer again, and move it in between the Peel and the Text Layers.
– Hold Ctrl Key and Click on the Peel’s Thumbnail of its Layer, so we can select all of the peel.
– Click your mouse pointer on that new empty Layer that we just created.
– Click Edit, Fill, Ok. To fill this new peel with black color.
– Then, Click on Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur…, and set the Radius to 2 pixels.
– Then, Set the Opacity of this little black peel shadow layer to 50 percent.

Preview of a Sticker Tutorial– And Finally Click on Edit, Transform, Distort, and you can drag your bottom right corner to any direction you like, but make sure that it looks realistic.

Well, that is all for today. See it wasn’t hard at all. Nice and Simple Photoshop Tutorial on Creating Your own Sticker Graphic. Below is the way my Document Window and My Layers Palette looked like, check it out and enjoy 🙂

Preview of a Sticker Tutorial

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