Free Twitter Vector Icons

Free Twitter Vector IconsToday I was browsing the internet for some more of awesome and unique graphics and ideas, and found this beautiful Vector set of Twitter Icons. If you click on the image, it will take you to the source where I found them, and then you’ll be able to download these free vector twitter icons in .png format. Since they are in the ping format then you will be able to use them for any background color or image and they will look transparent on it. Well, Here it is, Below is the shrinked sample image of the icons that you will get:

Twitter’s logo is an impressive representation that explicitly indicates what happens around the world and what gets people interested. However, there are certain rules to follow while using the Twitter logo. Here is some advice on the same:

  • Display the logo either in blue color or white color
  • Never rotate or make modifications or alterations to the logo
  • Never try to include animations to the logo such as enabling it to fly, chirp, or talk
  • Do not add any other image to the logo such as other animals or birds
  • Do not add any speech bubbles to the logo or accessorize it with other additional elements
  • Do not personify or exaggerate the logo
  • Never resort to using or displaying the older versions of the present logo
  • Always use the mentioned space guidance while creating the logo

Logo’s Space Guidance

While creating the logo, ensure to maintain some empty space around it. This should be a minimum of 150% of the total width of the entire logo. Moreover, the resolution of the logo should be set to no less than 16 pixels in width in order to maintain the logo’s visual impact.

In addition, care must be taken not to misuse the logo. Therefore, while using the logo do not add outlines, shadows, special effects, gradations, additional elements, colors other than blue or white, or any other anatomy. Additionally, do not stretch, skew, rotate, stack, alter the orientation, multiply the number of elements in the logo, use the older version of the logo or watermark, enclose it in a shape, add text, or fill with patterns.

Free Twitter Vector Icons

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