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7 Hot SEO and SEM Tips For Bloggers and Website Owners

7 Hot SEO and SEM Tips For Bloggers and Website OwnersSome people believe that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not very important, but many others including me believe that it is still important for your website or blog. SEM or Search Engine Marketing term is sometimes used together with SEO or Search Engine Optimization term, simply because of their similarities – you still try to promote your stuff. SEO for your website or blog helps Search Engines determine if they will like your work or not. If they’ll like your work then you’ll get promoted to the first results in Search Engines, but if they won’t then they’ll put you in the very back or even delete you from their Search Results. With Good SEO you can get FREE and Genuine traffic to your website or blog which is what we all want. I see SEO as the first, the most important, and most basic step that bloggers or website owners must take. It’s like an alphabet, without it you are just not going to get far and your work on the internet will never get to its full potential as it would if you did optimize your blog or website for Search Engines like Google and Yahoo. Today there are so many Free Resources that you can find on the internet to help you learn and optimize your web work for Search Engines. At the same time there are lots of premium information and software that can dramatically help your website or blog grow and become more popular inside of the Search Results.

In this article I’ll give you some of the FREE basic steps and tips to take in order to improve the SEO of your blog or website. Also, just so you know, the blogs today are already automatically set up to be ranked pretty good in the Search Engines. Why? Because of their targeted topics, interlinking structure, and frequent updates (if there are any). Like I said before some people believe that Search Engine Optimization doesn’t matter anymore these days. But for those who do believe that it matters and still try and still see the amazing results, then here are my 7 Hot SEO or SEM Tips For these Bloggers or Website Owners:

1. – Quality Content! Are your articles fun, interesting, useful, and unique? If not then you are wasting your time and the space on the internet. Please do yourself and others a favor and get your stuff away from the search results. Seriously, lots of people including me are always searching for useful, interesting, fun, and unique information on the internet, but copied, boring, useless, and old info is just annoying already. So, if you want your blog or website to be liked by the Search Engines then PLEASE produce High Quality Content which includes images and text. But try to keep the image use to the lowest. Also, remember to use the ALT attributes for your images accurately.

2. – Quality Titles! Make your title as short and descriptive as possible. It is better not to include your blog’s or website’s name in each title. The very first words in title are more important for Search Engines than the last words in the title. So make sure that your title is easy to understand and very descriptive about your article. Also, make sure that the article’s title matches the title in the back end or in the HTML code (Meta Tags).

3. – Quality Keywords! Choose your keywords wisely. According to some SEO Tools, it is recommended to use 20 or less keywords. Keywords are the most hot and widely used words in your article and they need to go into the Keywords Meta Tags.

4. – Quality Description! This one is also going to be in the Description Meta Tags which is at the back end of your article in the HTML code. Make up one really good descriptive sentence about your article, try to use about 12 words, and try to use all or most words from the title. Remember, Search Engines display your Title and Description to people through their Search Results.

5. – Quality Static Text Links! Find as much people as you can who would link to your article, website, or blog and preferably without the “no follow” code in it. Reciprocal links are okay, but one way links to your articles are the Best. Also, use links inside of your articles to link to your own previous articles that could be related and helpful to readers. Make sure your blog or website has good, easy to understand, short, and descriptive links to your categories, articles, services, products, and everything else. Google Crawler likes static simple websites and blogs better than the ones that use Flash, JavaScript, Cookies, session IDs, frames, and DHTML. Websites and Blogs that use these fun tools are usually more attractive to human eyes, but NOT to Google Crawler. Also, remember to use the TITLE attributes for your LINKS accurately. Sometimes it is a good idea to pay for your ad or link to be on someone else’s similar website or blog.

6. – Overall Functionality! Is your blog or website full of heavy images or videos? Heavy images, multiple image use, videos, and other dynamic functions can make your websites and blogs extremely hard to load which will lower the chances of people reading your articles. Many people today still use dial-up internet connections so just keep that in mind. Check your pages for any broken links. Delete the your links to your or someone’s pages if they are irrelevant or dead. Also, Google strongly recommends that all webmasters regularly monitor their site performance, because we all want the internet to be fast and fun to use.

7. – Social Media and Networking! Have you signed up yet with either one of these Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google Profiles, Yahoo Profiles, Delicious, Blogcatalog, or any other ones? After you sign up, find the people or groups that are interested in similar topics and become friends with them, ask them questions, give them advice, comment on peoples submitted content, and sometimes post your updates there too. People with similar interests will begin to recommend you and your work to their own friends and family which will bring you traffic, links, and even more money. Also, remember not to spam people, don’t annoy them with your articles, products or services if they are not interested or if it’s just not the time to talk about it.

SEO Elite SoftwareOkay, if you are still looking for more help and want to make more money with your blog or website, then I’d recommend try out this amazing software called SEO Elite. If you read my 7 Free Hot Tips and didn’t help or you just don’t think that it will help, then you should definitely try this tool out. People claim it to be The Secret Tool that Tens of Thousands of the Top Ranked Google Sites have been quietly using for many years now. As far as I know it is the Only search engine optimization software product that has been 100% PROVEN to DRAMATICALLY increase your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

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I am an Enthusiast of Computer Graphics, Web Graphics, SEO, and Codes. I love designing and developing my own websites and blogs. At the same time I love seeing and sharing about other professional, unique, and high quality designs that people make for their websites, graphics, and software.

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2 Responses to "7 Hot SEO and SEM Tips For Bloggers and Website Owners"

  1. Darren Saydotcom says:

    Hi..Thanks for sharing your ideas to us..This is very helpful esp to the beginners..Well explained site…

  2. Valik says:

    Just wanted to add to your excellent list and explain a bit more about how the Search Engines and their results work. After you do all the SEO steps and optimize your page to have all the keywords and elements that were listed in the article above, this will help the Search Engines position your page correctly within the gazillions of already existing results, into the correct category and to answer to the correct keywords. Then to get your page to move up the listings towards the top, closer to the first page, you need to do step 2, which is link building. Pointing links from around the websites on the Internet to your page. The more links point at your page, the more important the Search Engines see it an then the higher they move your listing. As was mentioned in point #7 in the article above, using Social sites blogs and forums is the easiest way to start building links to your site. Another way is to write articles and submit them to various article directories on the internet. That should get you started pretty well. :)

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