15 Awesome Footer Examples and Ideas

15 Awesome Footer Designs and IdeasRecently I posted an article about 150 Awesome Navigation Menus from which people can take some ideas for their own headers. Well, today I decided to provide you all with 15 Awesome Footer Designs. I was able to find some really impressive, beautiful, user-friendly, modern, creative, stylish, and high quality footers. When you want to improve the look of your website, you should browse the internet for more ideas on how you should improve your website. Because sometimes it’s just hard to transfer your thoughts into the web graphics. In this article I hope to be able to simplify your web search for footer ideas and samples.

FloridaFlourish has a very attractive footer design. I really like how they used the brown colors and the quality of the images of a cute little flower in the pot, cute little water well pump, and the cute green watering can. Also, at the very bottom their Social Media Icons are pretty and clean.

FloridaFlourish Footer Design

Tapbots has very unique footer graphics. In their footer ideas I really liked the four large beautiful icons with their RollOver effects.

Tapbots Footer Design

ThePixel has a nice cartoon theme for their footer design. I just like their whole footer, it’s like some nice relaxed cartoon world from a fun tale.

ThePixel Footer Design

Kulturbanause has an artistic idea for their footer. The waterfall with some rocks and plants is beautiful overall, and it reminds me of some kind of Japanese or Chinese restaurant.

Kulturbanause Footer Design

McLarenAutomotive has a very professional footer design. I really like their mesh looking background and their Social Media Icons with their functions.

McLarenAutomotive Footer Design

Css-Tricks has a programmer looking footer. I like the css coded background and the background images that show up when you roll your mouse over Chris Coyier’s Other Project’s Links.

Css-Tricks Footer Design

ProductiveDreams has a nice footer design too. In their footer I like the effect that happens when you roll over the Commenter’s User Images. Also their social media icons are beautiful on the left hand side.

ProductiveDreams Footer Design

BitsAmpPixels has a nice artistic look for their footer. I like the multi colored background light and paint dripping design.

BitsAmpPixels Footer Design

Phodana has a nice and attractive design for their footer. Everything just looks clean and soft.

Phodana Footer Design

RevolutionDrivingTuition has an awesome red footer. Their red footer matches their little red car. I also liked the used up notebook graphics that they used for their footer and the whole website too.

RevolutionDrivingTuition Footer Design

EdgePointChurch has an older style footer. I really like the quality and the old newspaper look of their Social Media Links design.

EdgePointChurch Footer Design

CatyDesign-Studio has a funny and colorful looking footer. Their dark and colorful footer has a cat on the left side that moves its mouth and eyes from time to time.

CatyDesign-Studio Footer Design

Helmy-Bern has a unique grainy footer design. Their footer has some pieces of ripped brown cardboard paper.

Helmy-Bern Footer Design

43Folders has a clean and professional footer look. I really like the clamped papers in the middle and some of the fun quotes in the top portion of it.

43Folders Footer Design

Branded07 has a unique and crisp looking footer. I really liked the RollOver effects of their footer links.

Branded07 Footer Design

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