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How to use MORE Tag in WordPress

How to use MORE Tag in WordPressAre looking for answers on reducing the text amount of your articles shown on your index page of WordPress Blog? If Yes, then you came to the right article to find your answer. Not too long ago I was looking for the same answer. Some WordPress Themes just like this one here on Tintation is programmed to show small previews of the articles that I write. So with these kind of themes you don’t even need to worry about learning the tips of reducing text amount on your index page of your WordPress Blogs. If you want to change your WordPress Theme to something different or better, then consider checking out these Ten Most Popular WordPress Themes.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a pre-programmed WordPress Theme with small previews of articles, then here is the fast, simple, and easy solution called a MORE Tag. It is actually right under your noses in the HTML editing window of WordPress. When you go to add or edit your posts in the WordPress, you are usually in the Visual Editing Mode or Tab, but right next to it is the HTML editing Mode or Tab. Immediately under it to the left are a bunch of buttons like these on the image below:

WordPress MORE Tag Button

The one button I’m pointing at with the red arrow is called the MORE Tag. Simply, click your mouse pointer where you want your text to stop on the main index page and then just click this Button called MORE. It will or at least it’s suppose to insert this code “<!–more–>” without the quotation marks. Now you can save or Update your editing and go refresh your main blog page. You should be able to see your smaller version of the article and with a short link after it telling you to go and read MORE of this article, which will take you to the actual article’s page where it will show the full article with no breaks in it.

Also, in the Visual Editing Window there is a little icon button that you can use too as a MORE tag inserter just like you used the MORE tag button in the HTML editing window:
WordPress MORE Tag Button

Also, if you want to edit the text phrase that it says to something else. For instance, one of my other WordPress Blogs show the small preview of an article on the main index page and then there is that little phrase, immediately after the article preview, saying “Continue Reading”. Well, that phrase is a link and you can change that text to whatever you like. You may have it say “More…” or “Read More” or something else. Whatever it is, you can find that text in your index file of your current theme and change it to the one you like.

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