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Remove holasionweb.com Virus – Malware

Remove holasionweb.com Virus - MalwareGuess what happened to my other WordPress Blog recently? I don’t know about you but I got hit with a stinking HOLASIONWEB.COM Virus. My WordPress Blog that is hosted at GoDaddy got attacked by this annoying holasionweb virus or malware. How do I know that this is a virus or some kind of a malware? Well, for couple of days when I logged into the admin page of my WordPress Blog I noticed that the layout of the admin pages were out of order, they were all scattered. So, that was annoying, so I decided to update my blog, because I thought maybe I did something. Then the second and the third time same thing kept happening and I kept checking the website without noticing anything. Then on the last time when I reupdated my WordPress Blog I noticed this message at the very bottom of the browser saying …connecting to holassionweb.com… and that was slowing down my WordPress administrator’s pages. So, I went and looked at my Blog on the User’s pages and noticed the same message …connecting to holassionweb.com… So, I thought maybe it is something normal that WordPress does. But just to make sure I typed in the Google search holasionweb and found out that it is in fact some kind of a virus or malware.

Well, that made my day :) it pissed me off… I didn’t know where to start. This is the first time I got hit on my Blog with a Virus or Malware. I didn’t know where to start, what to save, what to delete, or what to update. So, I kept on researching and reading the articles about this virus and how to get rid of this holasionweb garbage. I prayed for God to help me through this. First I read this article on WPSecurityLock but that seemed like to many steps to take. Then I read this article at SmackDown blog and still too much info with too much steps. I mean it is all doable, but I didn’t know where to start.

Then, Finally, I found this website called Daniel Ansari’s Blog. Thank You God for Your Help, see I prayed and He did answer. Now this is it, this is the answer to my questions and prayers. His article helped me to get my WordPress Blog fixed from holasionweb.com malware really Fast, really Easy, and really Amazingly. I just had to download his PHP script file to my computer, then unzip it, then copy and paste it to my main root folder of my blog, then I uploaded this file unto the internet, then I had to go to this address http://www.example.com/scan_files.php just like he said, and that initiated the cleaning process, and then The End. Yep. It is that simple and that easy. I was amazed and extremely impressed. I don’t see that stupid message any more saying …connecting to holassionweb.com… neither on admin’s side or user’s side of my WordPress Blog. This dude did an awesome job, so I really recommend his blog for all of your to visit and add to your favorites, because you never know when you’ll  get hit again with these annoying Viruses or Malwares.

Remember to Follow his instructions and steps:

1. Place the file scan_files.php at your web document root.
2. Invoke it with no parameters to run it in report mode, where no modifications will be made.  For the non-technical users, the address would be http://www.example.com/scan_files.php
3. Use scan_files.php?v=1 to run it in verbose mode.
4. Use scan_files.php?u=1 to run it in update mode, where the modifications will actually be made.
5. Use scan_files.php?u=1&v=1 to run it in both update and verbose modes.

Here is an Update at 9-20-2010…
I got couple more Virus or Malware problems on my WordPress blogs and Yes it is getting annoying… But I just ran this Daniel Ansari’s Tool scan_files.php which can be downloaded from this page. And somehow it cleaned everything up for me, thank God. What was weird this time, is that I didn’t see any holassionweb hints or text it seemed like it was something else, but his tool looks like took care of it for me. It is very easy to use, just follow his steps on the page I provided. Hopefully this helps someone out there who is struggling like I am.

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  3. Richard says:

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  4. clubblogger says:

    great work, guys, thanks

  5. Tempter says:

    Just an update…
    It is already May 27th and Thank Our Lord God for the Daniel Ansari’s Blog, that stinking holasionweb virus or malware has not come back.
    Yeah!!! :)

  6. Eric says:

    you may check this solution, I successfully removed holasionweb by following this method:

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