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Tintation – The Web Resources Blog » Graphics & Designs » 7 Awesome 3D Graphic Designs

7 Awesome 3D Graphic Designs

7 Awesome 3D Graphic DesignsHere is a collection of 7 Awesome 3D Graphics. These 3D images were created by their own unique artists and I just wanted to share with you some of their artwork that I really like. The First 3D graphic is called Terminator 2, the second 3D graphic is called Codename Cockroach, the third 3D graphic is called The Duet, the fourth 3D graphic had no name with it so I’ll call it for my own website Future World. The fifth 3D graphic is called Worker Robot, the sixth 3D graphic is called Steam Wilhelm the Great I, and the last or seventh 3D graphic I believe is called robot beggar. I recommend that you click on each preview image to see the full beautiful quality of these 3D Awesome graphics.

Terminator 2
By: Marti Miller
Designed with: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, Photoshop

Terminator 3D Graphic

Codename Cockroach
By: Dennis A. Hoppe
Designed with: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, Photoshop

Codename Cockroach 3D Graphic

The Duet
By: Balazs Papay
Designed with: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, Photoshop

The Duet 3D Graphic

Future World
By: Dragos Jieanu

Future World 3D Graphic

Worker Robot
By: Hossein Afzali

Worker Robot 3D Graphic

Steam Wilhelm the Great I
By: Sung-Hun Lim (Ryan)

Steam Wilhelm the Great I 3D Graphic

Robot Beggar
By: Pawel Hynek

Robot Beggar 3D Graphic

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