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Adobe CS3 To Windows Vista Install Problems

Adobe CS3 To Windows Vista Install ProblemsAre you trying to install CS3 Web Premium Software on your Windows Vista 64-bit computer? If yes, then most likely you are having problems installing it. If your computer is brand new or you just installed a fresh windows operating system, then most likely you will not have any problems, except for this one. You might get a message like this “The file AdobePDF.dll on Windows Vista CD-ROM is needed.” and then they ask you to browse to that AdobePDF dll file. Or if your system is at least one year old, or you already had adobe and/or Macromedia programs installed, then you will most likely never be able to install the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium, unless you try my advice or somehow get Adobe Support to help you. I will let you know what I did in this situation. How do I know what to do? Well, let’s just say I’m one of those innocent people who got screwed with this problem.

But don’t worry there is a way out, actually it looks like there maybe more than one way out. When I was getting ready to install CS3, I Uninstalled Macromedia Studio MX, Macromedia Flash MX 2004, and Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Wow, these are some really old programs to have for 2010 :) Well, they worked, they were genuine and legit, and I got them for very cheap on eBay. If you decide to go on eBay to buy Adobe or Microsoft software then be ready to get screwed by illegal sellers. Yes, it is still happening these days, so make sure that the software you buy is Legit and Genuine with Valid Serial Number. Oh, and use PayPal, that way you can get your money back if you get the fake junk.

Anyway, back to the subject. I had Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium for a little more than a year now. Also, I had Adobe reader, an old Adobe Photoshop, old Macromedia Software, lots of updates for Windows, and maybe other junk that probably affected my CS3 Installation. I researched and tried so many ways, tips, and hints to fix my system for CS3 Installation, that I even lost count and don’t even remember some of them.

First, I tried this Adobe CS3Clean Script to remove the CS3 folders that got created while installing it the first time. Then I kept on using it to remove more and more Adobe stuff from my computer and registry. If you will need to run the Adobe CS3 Clean Script, then just so you know, there are more than two options or levels to choose from, they are just invisible. Adobe CS3Clean Script has 4 options or levels to choose from for removing Adobe or Macromedia related programs. The higher the level the more it removes from your computer.

Be careful, use this AdobeCS3Clean Script only if you are sure what you are doing, because depending on what you choose to remove, you could remove from just some of the CS3 created folders to every possible Adobe and Macromedia file on your hard drive. Yes, it can remove even your Adobe reader, Macromedia programs, and pretty much everything that has the word “Adobe” or “Macromedia” in it. So, just make sure that you read all the warnings that the AdobeCS3Clean Script provides before you will need to type “Go” to finalize your decision.

Also, just to remind you, you must download and install Microsoft software for the Adobe CS3 Clean Script to work right. The Microsoft Software is the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. So, I kept uninstalling CS3, and then cleaning up the registries and folders, but nothing worked. I followed this Adobe’s TechNote as much as possible, but nothing worked. Also, I lost like a full day or two because of these issues. At, the same time I kept on researching online and hoping to get some kind of a quick fix idea.

Well, guess what… I saw some people online mention about reinstalling windows and then trying to install. And this kind of a solution worked for some of them. Of course some people really hated this idea, they even said that it is not a solution to even think about. Okay then, what else are you going to do? If none of the supports, tips, and hints work for you, then there is no other option but to reinstall your windows system. That is exactly what I had to do and only then I was able to install the CS3 successfully.

So, if while installing Adobe CS3 software multiple times, you keep getting messages like “Some problems occurred during installation”, “Component install failed”, or “Shared components failed to install”, then you MOST likely must reinstall your windows operating software. That is what I did, and ONLY THEN I was able to install Adobe CS3 Web Premium Software. Just to let you know, my computer and system was bought in March of 2009, so it is newer than the CS3. So, I didn’t update windows until I installed and updated the Adobe CS3 Software First, and that is what I recommend for you to do also.

Also, while finally installing on a fresh windows program I actually got this scary error message “The file AdobePDF.dll on Windows Vista CD-ROM is needed.” So I’m like WHAT??? There is only one CD/DVD Drive in my computer and it’s being used by the Adobe CS3 at this time, so how am I suppose to provide them with a Windows Vista CD-Rom at the same time? Well, don’t worry there is a solution to that also. The Adobe has this TechNote for that kind of an issue, but I read people’s comments on that and I decided not to follow them either. Instead, while the CS3 is trying to install and asked you for that AdobePDF.dll file, DO NOT click Cancel, because there is a way to provide them with an AdobePDF.dll file.

Leave the installation procedure active with that warning message about the adobepdf.dll and at the same time open your browser and go to this Link Here. When you get there, you can either follow their instructions for “Solution (windows 7 64-bit)” that is what I used for my Vista and it worked, or just click on that link “adobepdf.dll_64” save it to your computer, then rename it from adobepdf.dll_64 to adobepdf.dll Yep, just remove the _64 from the name. Then put this file to the same folder in which the Adobe CS3 is looking for it. Then you’ll be able to select it and provide it for that alert message “The file AdobePDF.dll on Windows Vista CD-ROM is needed.”

After that everything worked nice and smooth. Also, my system got a lot faster after reinstalling windows. Make sure to back up all of your pictures, music, and files onto separate disk or hard drive before reinstalling windows. I also recommend booting from CD only while reinstalling and deleting the old windows from your hard drive. Well, I hope this helped some of you poor innocent people out there who got screwed by this annoying installation problem.

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